• Client consultation to discuss ideas, brainstorm and determine a set brief so a proposal can be put in place. This determines the correct structure and gives a clear understanding of the project, brand structure, brand image, best suited environment for the brand, target audience, where are we now and where do we want to be. This pulls together the overall brand objective and gives complete clarity and direction.

  • Setting dates, timelines, structure and finalising all key points within the brief. Included in this will be locations/studio, models, hair stylist and make up artist bookings (if required) along with an overall deadline for project completion. 

  • Once the above is in place and signed off the shoot will take place and follow the brief along with any amendments made along the way ensuring that everything outlined in the brief is covered to pull the overall concept together.

  • All post production is done in house and ties back to how imagery is shot and executed. The project and the brief depend on how much imagery is provided - for example an online advert would not have as much imagery as a 30 day Instagram campaign. Imagery is provided ensuring to have followed the brief and covered all our clients’ needs and objectives.

  • The project is complete, the work has been delivered and the client is happy. 

The Style Heist has a combined experience spanning 22 years within the Apparel and Footwear market covering Sales, Photography, Brand Placement and Global marketing. In today’s fast paced world brand positioning along with the correct brand image and how your message is told is vital. This in turn gives your target consumers the confidence to buy, and the loyalty to keep doing so. Social platforms and online content have lead the way and opened many doors for some time now.


There is far too much junk out there being thrown up each day with no thought or structure at all. There is no long term future in going down this route. For this reason its key for anyone or any brand to have consistent and professional content that follows true and honest to what you are trying to achieve.


The Style Heist works closely with its clients to do exactly this. We work together and build a brief to understand your vision and provide professional Imagery/content for look-books, e-commerce, brochures and online social networking channels.  Rightly or wrongly image is everything, and through it is how you send that message and tell your story that really counts. 


Content, Content, Content

How It


Please read the breakdown below on a step by step guide to how

work with our clients to structure projects,

work flow, and execution