Growing up in the East End of London, I was thrown into a melting pot of cultures and imagery, which inspired my practice as a photographer. 


Married with two boys, family is at the heart of my life, my wife and children have been the subjects of many Photographs. Family gives me that crucial insight into making my clients comfortable, relaxed and ready to enjoy a shoot, in studio or on location.


Creating professional/personal relationships with my clients is important, and these engaging elements add to the finished image.


Living between London, midlands and the west country my clients range from the corporate and fashion industry to the personal and family incorporating the broadness, which is photography. 


Creating humor and a relaxed environment is what I do, its how I work and always will be.


If you have an questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact me 

Hope your doing amazing.





Matt Law: Beco Do Batman Sau Paulo